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Programs We Offer

Each child deserves to learn and be cared for. Give them that benefit with the help of our all-inclusive programs.


Helping your infant learn new things about his or her surroundings.

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Teaching your energetic tyke the basics of everyday life.

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After School Program

Helping your school-age child obtain academic assistance.

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More Programs

Check out the other programs we have in store for your kids.

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Bright Starts Daycare & Learning Center

Welcome to Bright Starts Daycare & Learning Center, where we give our best to teach infants and children the basics of everyday life. As childcare providers, we know the importance of giving our little ones the appropriate attention and education, which will help them grow into independent and respectful individuals. We always ascertain that the children and their families alike will benefit from our services. We strive to relieve parents from their stressful duties as homemakers and breadwinners, that is why we are here to be their support in giving their children the care and education they need.

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Our Mission Statement

Bright Starts Daycare & Learning Center strives to be the primary source of quality childcare and learning for parents and their children. We aim to become their support and guide in giving their children a bright start to their bright future.