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Teaching your little one the basics of everyday life.
two female kids playing toy learning shapes and abacus

Two-year-old children explore their world and learn best through their hands. They love to spend their day touching, building, lifting, dropping, organizing, sorting, and throwing things. At Bright Starts Daycare & Learning Center, our designated room is filled with toys and activities that give them ample opportunity to learn and explore with their hands. In our twos room, you will see several learning centers such as art, science, dramatic play, library, blocks, puzzles, and more. Our teachers develop lesson plans that are theme-based for the week such as fire prevention, bug week, season changes, and under the sea.

Music, art, and movement are incorporated in all these lesson plans. We also focus on a letter of the week that allows our twos to learn letter recognition and begin associating words that start with that letter. Song-based group circles are also completed every morning, allowing the kids to learn creatively through repetition and respect structure-based learning in larger groups.

Early math concepts are introduced in the two-year-old program, such as counting and basic addition and subtraction.

At Bright Starts, we ensure that our twos room is rich in language. Our teachers constantly describe what they are doing throughout the day and what the children are doing. This allows the kids to hear more language and connect words with actions. Different books are available in the room, which teachers read aloud multiple times as well as allowing children to independently explore books. Our students can also write and scribble as much as they want with our kid-friendly writing tools. Language is strongly encouraged for our students to express positive and negative feelings and emotions. We always make sure to incorporate listening and talking in our daily activities.

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