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Giving your toddlers a safe and educational environment for learning.
toddler playing plastic blocks

Toddlers want to explore and discover the world in their little ways. At Bright Starts, we provide a safe and supportive environment that encourages toddlers to safely explore, while being free from hazards that may harm them.

Bright Starts’ teachers form close relationships with each child. Our faculty is extremely patient and give each of our students individualized attention. They respect whether a child wants to play alone or with other children. They give them their space to try to complete tasks on their own, such as putting on their shoes or trying to feed themselves. Of course, they are there to give them a helping hand when needed. Lots of love, support, and comforting hugs are always given throughout the day.

A balanced schedule is followed to allow for group learning that includes plenty of songs in the morning, lots of time for active play, and much-needed rest. Language acquisition is very important in the toddler room since our teachers are constantly communicating with them. The kids are encouraged to begin using one to two words to express their needs and wants. Time is also set aside to read books, which allows them to acquaint themselves with more words and pictures. Tots can also explore writing behaviors through scribbles on papers. Our teachers always work on building their physical confidence like learning how to properly walk, stand, run, and crawl. All activities are designed to help young toddlers become more stable in their movements. 

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