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Bright Starts’ way on how we carefully and safely look after your children.

Child safety is our #1 priority. Bright Starts goes above and beyond to ensure the safety of the little ones in our care. We take safety very seriously, and it is deeply rooted in our culture. Child safety is serious: we mean it and we live it.

Safety Starts at the Front Door
The building is securely locked with an access control system. Each parent is provided with their own unique personal identification number (PIN) to access the building. This enables our staff to monitor who drops off and picks up the children each day. The system is logged each time the door is opened. Children will only be released to those people authorized to pick up the child in their enrollment records. Staff will then confirm through identification checks.
State of the Art Surveillance System
The facility is monitored 24 hours a day through 16 high definition, high-resolution security cameras. Our staff is able to monitor each classroom and playgrounds. The perimeter and playground are always locked. The facility is consistently monitored inside and outside to ensure the safety of our children while they learn and play.
Cleanliness and sanitation are also deeply rooted in our culture. The facility is professionally cleaned each night after hours. Toys are frequently sanitized to help prevent the spreading of germs. Staff members are frequently trained in daily cleaning and sanitation techniques to ensure the facility stays clean and tidy throughout the day. Diaper change is controlled and performed separately from eating and play areas.
Door Finger Guards
Doors are often overlooked, but they are dangerous to our little ones, too. We recognize this and put the protection in place to prevent any accidents. All interior and exterior doors accessed by our children are protected by Fingersafe finger guards. Fingersafe’s door hinge guard system prevents little fingers from being pinched, crushed, or amputated at the door’s hinges.
Each staff is trained in emergency procedures. Evacuation plans are in place. Fire drills are conducted at least monthly, but sometimes more often. Although it may be rare, we prepare for all emergency situations as we conduct drills for earthquakes, unexpected storms or tornadoes, intruder alerts, power outages, and snow emergencies. We plan, prepare, and practice, so we are able to respond to any emergency situation and keep the children safe.
We are a nut-free daycare. All child allergies are well-documented. We secure the child’s wellness by securing an allergy action plan from their physicians. Child allergies are posted, so all staff is aware of any child allergies.
Child Wellness
All staff members are trained to perform daily wellness checks. The children are monitored throughout the day. Any changes in a child’s wellness are communicated to parents and symptoms are monitored. Parents are asked to pick-up any child that is not feeling well to prevent the spreading of germs.

These safety measures help make Bright Starts Daycare & Learning Center a safe and educational place for learning and fun. For more details on how we execute these measures, you can visit our center anytime. Just inform us ahead and we will make sure to cater to you right away.