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At Bright Starts Daycare & Learning Center, we recognize the uniqueness of each child and respond to these individual strengths and needs to help develop skills at periods of great readiness and sensitivity. We believe in the holistic growth of the whole child because it recognizes that no two children are alike. Whole child development includes a five-prong learning approach that Bright Starts incorporates in a child’s schedule each day:

Cognitive-Intellectual Activity – traditional, school-focused, fact-based learning (for example, ABC’s, 123’s, shapes, colors, seasons, days of the week, months, weather). Children are naturally thirsty for knowledge. Daily activities are put in place to encourage a child’s cognitive development in the areas of memory, concentration, attention, and perception.

Creative-Intuitive Activity (The Arts) – creative learning through art, dance, drama, puppetry, and music, warms the heart and completes a child. It balances the necessary, but immensely valuable, cognitive intellect. Providing children with artistic activity promotes natural learning and invokes a child’s innate happiness. Creative activities engage a child’s imagination, fostering flexibility of the mind.

Structured Physical Movement and Unstructured Self-Directed Play – promote physical movements that allow children to get comfortable in their bodies while encouraging teamwork. Activity helps promote a mature perspective on winning and losing. It also aids in overcoming a child’s feelings of self-defeat to drive positive emotions of effort, rewards of continued practice, and self-accomplishment.

Handwork – learning through little hands helps develop fine motor skills. Creating something using their hands strengthens persistence and promotes a feeling of self-confidence. Early childhood learning starts through the hands, which sparks a child’s curiosity and creativity. 

Engagement with Nature and Community – activities that involve nature and every day living help awaken a child’s appreciation of the world we live in. Community involvement such as firemen and policemen visits or recording stories for seniors promote a child’s values of empathy and generosity. 

Our Mission Statement

Bright Starts Daycare & Learning Center strives to be the primary source of quality childcare and learning for parents and their children. We aim to become their support and guide in giving their child a bright start to their bright future.

Should you need more information regarding our childcare and after school programs, please feel free to get in touch with us. We will be more than happy to cater to your requests.